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Baptism and funeral services are offered to those who live in the parish, or are in the congregation. Marriage services are available to those who meet certain qualifying connections.

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Baptisms take place at the 9.45 am and 11.30 am services, on five or six Sundays a year. Alternatively, a Thanksgiving Service is available for those who simply want to give thanks for the birth of a child. Once a year, at St Paul’s Cathedral, a bishop¬†confirms those who are old enough to make a public commitment of their faith.

Prayer for health and wholeness and the sacrament of reconciliation (confession) are also available on request. Daily Prayer services can be accessed from this site.

Enquiries about special services can be made by phone – on 020 7221 3548 –¬†or email to the Parish Office, or in person by attending one of the Sunday services.